Our Mission Statement: To inspire, enhance, and empower the lives of children, adults, and families affected by cancer and other adversities by delivering the message of joy, strength, love, and hope through “The Gearketeers”.
The Gearketeers Care Foundation is a charitable organization, dedicated to bringing joy, entertainment, and relief to children and families that suffer from cancer and other adversities. We accomplish this through The Gearketeers Care Package, a pack that we will fill with books, apparel, and more, and send to various hospitals and care facilities around the country.
Inspire The Gearketeers books tell stories of fun, optimism, and overcoming obstacles that are often faced while playing various sports and games. When children read “The Gearketeers” we want them to feel inspired to overcome the obstacles they are facing in their lives and to learn to have fun in the face of adversity.
Enhance In our care packages, we provide children with several items to give them temporary relief and distraction from their current hardship. Books, toys, t-shirts, socks, beanies, bandanas, and more will help enhance a child’s happiness while they are receiving treatment and care.
Empower Empowerment in a child’s life is directly connected to the support they receive. When a child receives one of our care packages, we want them to feel their support growing, through their families, friends, caregivers, peers, and The Gearketeers.
Joy Every child deserves to have fun. The Gearketeers light-hearted and unique characters will bring entertainment and joy to children during times of stress.
Strength The Gearketeers are great examples of how to overcome obstacles by being brave and strong. We hope through our packages that children can find their own strength and bravery through Gearketeer inspiration.
Love The Gearketeers books are written with love. We strive to spread love and compassion through the hearts of those we touch, and to spread the message of charity through The Gearketeers Care
Hope Hope can be hard to find in the face of cancer. The Gearketeers Care, is ultimately a method to provide hope to those that are struggling and suffering, and to give them comfort in times of strife.